Announcing: Envoy x IRSA Global Affairs Essay Contest

Are you an undergraduate student at UBC?
We're teaming up with the International Relations Student Association (IRSA) to launch an essay competition.

Our contest is a chance for students to write about the pressing global issues which interest them the most in a slightly different format. In a short and sweet op-ed (1000 words or less), shine light on a topic you believe is inadequately covered in the mainstream media, apply your own experience, or build on an argument made in a paper you wrote last semester.

Winner: 500$ Scholarship from the Liu Institute for Global Issues, essay published on, a leading international relations platform
People's Choice: Published on

Instructions: In a short op-ed, make a case for what you believe will be the most pressing global issue in the next 5 years.

Eligibility requirements: Open to all undergraduate students at UBC. (Not just Political Science or International Relations students!)

Format: Maximum 1000 words, Op-ed style, in-text hyper-link citations.

Email your op-ed with your name, student number, year, and major to [email protected]
Deadline: February 22 (midnight)

Selection process:
10 Finalists will be chosen, and will undergo an intensive one-on-one editing process. From these ten, a shortlist of 5 articles will be selected.

The winner will be determined from this shortlist by our Expert panel, composed of the following Faculty members:

Antje Ellermann - Department of Political Science
Sylvia Fuller - Department of Sociology
Leila Harris - Department of Geography
Taylor Owen - Liu Institute for Global Issues and the School of Journalism
Jen Peterson - Department of Political Science
Richard Price - Department of Political Science

The top 5 will be posted on The Envoy shortly thereafter. The post with the most Facebook likes will be published on OpenCanada as the "People's Choice."