Announcing: Envoy/IRSA Essay Contest Finalists

We're very happy to announce our finalists for the first ever Envoy/IRSA contest! We received many excellent submissions and would like to thank everyone that participated.

Our finalists are:
"How Ugly Produce Got Its Sexy Back," by Astghik Hairapetian

"Old Europe, New Perils," by Tudor Schlanger

"Re-Imagining Climate Change: A Launchpad for Transformation," by Kiera Schuller

"Chinese Military and Commercial Expansion is Raising Tensions in Southeast Asia," by Roy Tannar

"Computer Automation: Political and Ethical Concerns for the 21st Century," by Adrian Yee

For a quick refresher on the contest rules, go here.
The final phase of the contest is a straightforward 'fan vote,' where the essay with the most likes on Facebook will be deemed 'People's Choice.' Votes will be tallied at Noon on the 9th of April. See our Facebook page for more details.

The overall winner (determined by the faculty panel) and the People's Choice selection will be announced on April 10.


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