Announcing: Envoy/IRSA Essay Contest Results

The 2016 Envoy-IRSA Global Affairs Essay Contest officially came to a close yesterday. The results:

Our judges were asked to rank each essay from 1-5, with each essay being given a corresponding number of points. (1 = 1 point, 5 = 5 points). The essay with the lowest combined score would be declared the winner.

Antje Ellermann - Department of Political Science
Sylvia Fuller - Department of Sociology
Leila Harris - Department of Geography
Taylor Owen - Liu Institute for Global Issues and the School of Journalism
Jen Peterson - Department of Political Science
Richard Price - Department of Political Science

Combined scores for our five finalists:
"Re-Imagining Climate Change" = 12
"How Ugly Produce Got Its Sexy Back," = 17
"Old Europe, New Perils," = 18
"Computer Automation" = 19
"Chinese Military and Commercial Expansion" = 24

Envoy/IRSA Essay Contest Winner:
(500$ Scholarship from the Liu Institute for Global Issues, published on
"Re-Imagining Climate Change: A Launchpad for Transformation," by Kiera Schuller

People's Choice: (Published on
"Old Europe, New Perils," by Tudor Schlanger

Many thanks to the Liu Institute Community Fund for sponsoring our contest, and congratulations to Kiera, Tudor, and all of our finalists for the excellent work!


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